About us

We are a family company, present on the market since 1984. The roots of our activity can be dated back to the early 50s. We specialize in production and distribution of the highest quality duck and goose feather and down.

Since the very beginnings our company has its seat in Konin (province wielkopolskie), where feather production has a very long tradition.

Down is one of the most desired natural products in the world.

Having this on mind we pay much attention to ecology and handicraft. Only very careful approach to nature conservation can ensure that you will get the highest quality product. What more, at every production stage, we make series of quality tests in our laboratory and the staff employed in Ożgo has the best possible qualifications and experience. 

What makes us unique is our individual approach to every customer. We never storage large amounts of raw materials, so you can be sure that we will provide you with fresh and premium quality products, often custom made.

Such approach is the basis of our position as a market leader and one of the world top companies in this sector. Our down is used as insert in overalls, which are part of the equipment used by Polish and foreign mountaineers, as well as in luxury beddings.

Our business philosophy is focused on taking care of the good of our employees and our suppliers alike. We make efforts to follow the fair trade rule. Because of that we not only look after our own company environment and working conditions, but also try to ensure that our suppliers are giver fair and stable prices.

Zakład Pierzarski - Konrad Ożgo

ul. Poznańska 72a

62-510 Konin

TEL: +48 (63) 242 42 46

+48 (63) 242 42 44

FAX: +48 (63) 242 12 62

E-MAIL: office@ozgo.pl