Where do you get feathers and down from?

Our materials come exclusively from certified suppliers. We perfectly know all our business partners and always require only the best quality materials. As the only manufacturer in Europe, we never use secondhand feathers and down. Our supreme quality has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous awards and certificates.

How do you wash down and feathers?

We only use 100% environmentally-friendly and biodegradable detergents made by a renowned German manufacturer Zeller+Gemelin. Feathers and down are washed after dipping and soaking in water. We regulate the washing time to make sure our does not loose its quality and properties. Ożgo never uses any chemicals to artificially rise shine.

Is your down suitable for allergy sufferers?

Our down is dedusted twice, removing all mites and other potential allergens and making it hypoallergenic. What is more, our products are designed for individual customers, and because of that we never store our materials for prolonged time, what could expose them to potentially harmful dust. The quality and pureness of our products are confirmed by tests, conducted on every production stage, as well as by the international HDP (Hypoallergenic Down) certificate.

Is natural down bedding better than synthetic?

In contrast to synthetic materials, natural down does not loose its properties when used as quilt and pillow insert. This feature makes it one of the most desired natural materials in the world.

Note that quilts and pillows filled with natural down allow constant air circulation. Thanks to this feature such beddings keep you warm in winter and cool during hot summer days. Our products offer the best available thermal insulation and comfort.

Quilts and pillows with natural down insert are light and springy. They are distinguished by their airiness and good ability to drain moisture and thus it prevents night time perspiration and the feeling of weariness in the morning.

Do quilts and pillows loose their properties when washed?

All products made of down and feathers can be washed without any concern that they will loose their properties. Quilts and pillows should not be dried in the sun, rather in a shady place. We recommend washing them in a washing machine with some small balls in the drum.

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