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Natural down has been in use for centuries. Down is the only material of animal origin that does not loose its features and usefulness in both natural conditions and in home or industrial use. This makes it perfect for even the most demanding applications.

Many years ago we chose quality to be our top priority. We solely distribute Polish duck and goose feathers and down. The only raw materials we use come from verified suppliers and from a fully certified supply chain. As one of just a few companies in Europe we never use secondhand materials. 

We offer products of the highest flexibility class. A broad selection allows us to comply with standards of the leading bedding and outdoor brands and our products meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

As one of just a few producers we are able to comply with special needs – apart from providing our standard offer we also realize individual, custom-made orders. 


    Specially selected, best quality down produced using our unique technology, which we have been mastered through years. Thanks to its thermal and mechanical properties we earned trust of professional mountaineers from all over the World. This product is strongly recommended wherever best quality means protection of life and health.

    FLEXIBILITY: from 850+


    Hydrophobic down, available in any flexibility class. This product offers the highest protection against moisture. It is designed to withstand difficult weather conditions, so even in extreme environment you may still enjoy the comfort offered by natural down. The production process is environmentally-friendly. All substances used in it are based on water and do not contain PFC.

    Impregnated and ecological down, which meets the strictest international standards and has been awarded the British FIRA certificate. It guarantees safety and comfort. It is made using an environmentally-friendly process and is recommended for any applications, where comfort must be combined with safety measures.

    Hypoallergenic and extra clean down, awarded with the HDP certificate, which confirms its top quality. During the production process we remove all mites, dust, mold and spores, so our down is free from all potential allergens. It meets the highest standards and can be used by allergy sufferers without any concerns.

    Any down blend may be prepared according to our customer's needs, including hand selected and and prepared down.


Down produced by Ożgo is used by the most demanding customers. Among those are:

  • Prince Albert of Monaco and his team during their North Pole expedition
  • Marek Kamiński on all of his polar expeditions since from 1995
  • Wojtek Moskala during all expeditions
  • Borge Ousland, the most famous polar explorer
  • The Emperor of Japan, who has bedding with our down

Feathers and down made by Ożgo can be found in many luxurious products from all around the world: beddings, clothes, trekking and military equipment and furniture.

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