In our work we combine traditional technologies, modern work effectiveness and ecology, guarantying pure natural products. On every step we keep in mind that ensuring the best quality of our products is always our priority. We use traditional but also highly effective technology, which constantly proves to be the best solution. Ożgo employees make up a great team of experienced and well trained professionals. Each stage of the production process is strictly controlled and supervised.

Furthermore, quality tests are run on every production stage. We are proud that our technology, developed and perfected through many years, makes our down absolutely unique when it comes to quality issues.

  • 1


    The first and crucial element, which means selecting the best materials from only verified and certified suppliers.
  • 2


    Preparation of the desired blend, according to the buyer's needs.
  • 3


    Spinning after dipping in water with environmentally-friendly and biodegradable detergents
  • 4


    Washed feathers are then dried in a steam dryer
  • 5

    Cooling and dedust

    We cool down the product to ambient temperature. After that it is dedusted twice to remove all mites and other potential allergens.
  • 6

    Quality control

    Each part of the product is checked in our laboratory. Additionally, we regularly send samples to be tested in renowned and certified research institutions.
  • 7


    Properly packed and labeled products are sent to our buyers, according to their requests.

Our down is perfect for making inserts to quilts, pillows, sleeping bags and all other kinds of products, where the thermal insulation, light weight and the highest comfort are crucial.

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